Welcome to Cassie's Castle! I always thought it looked best just as the stars come out.

Hi! I'm Cassieopeia, Cassie for short. Welcome to my abode.

A quick overview in the daylight

A nightime overflight. I do love flying in this game. What's that on the roof over there?

Oh! It's set up for a midnight picnic.

This is the trophy room. Yeah, that's every key I ever collected in the game. And all the notes too. Can you say OC boys and girls?

Collected artifacts from all over the realm. I try to make matching sets. Oh, and I love the crystal skull on the top shelf.

The dining room. With a complete matching table setting for 6.

Of course, the Lady's setting is made of fine silver...

The storage room. Spells, Books, scrolls, and tons of potions. Also, the old set's of armor are layed out on the floor.

This is my favorite suit of glass armor. I love the purple highlights. Course it's impractical, but hey - it looks good! Thanks for visitng, come again soon.