Gencon 2008 - left to right is Krarn, Hurly, Flo, Hex, Dragos, Punt and Gundak

Friday night at Hex and Punt's - left to right - Dragos, Hurly, Pip and Punt

Hex, Dragos and Hurly - I had the shirts made as Xmas gifts for Hurly and I :)

Mmm, tongue ;)

Setting up a Settlers game on Saturday morning

Mmm, beer for breakfast!

It does a body good!

Can we switch to hard liquor, please?

Houston, we have a drinking problem ;)

Starting the Settlers game

Dragos brought all his Rock Band stuff. Hurly's sheep got in on the action ;)

Don't just stand there, help me reach the bass pedal!

Moving on to poker and pirate hats! Yarr!

Yup, Hurly's got a little Captain in him ;)

Hurly and Dragos getting their buccaneer on

Hex smiles as Hurly discovers that fire is hot ;)

Pip is more than a little camera shy :p