Aaron, Paul and TJ

Paul must've seen a hot chick!

The customary Gokey flip-off pose :p

Now, that's a better shot :) Mikey, Aaron and Paul.

Mikey with one of his favorite things ;)

Awesome ;)

Uh oh, Paul's in one of those drunk “I love you man” moods! Run Aaron!

Man, we hang out with some strange people ;)

Chilling at the MGM pool on a wondrous Monday morning :)

Sean, Mikey, Paul and Aaron.

Aaron is still transfixed by his new cell phone ;)

Me, trying to get some sun ;) I don't think the undead get tans, however!

Sean and Mikey.

Mr. Smooth bringing the drinkage!

Dinner at Nine Fine Irishmen. Rhondas are at the head of the table. On the left side are Rawk, Mikey, Aaron, Paul. Right side is Al, myself, and Sean.

Rawk and Huddy having a good time :)

Huddy, Al, Rawk, Sean, Aaron and a sleepy Paul ;)

Al, Hudd, Rawk, Sean and Aaron.

Kinda speaks for itself ;)

Arizona approach to the new bridge.

The new bridge being built near Hoover Dam.

It's a looong way down from that bridge.

Hoover Dam, with the shadow of the new bridge on it.

Model of the completed bridge.

Really nice shot of the bridge, intake tower is being reflected upon the window this photo was taken through.

Al's daugher Melissa.

Another shot of Melissa.

Generators at Hoover Dam.

You can see some of our group here, myself near center in the white shirt, Sean to my left, then Aaron.

Sean looking down at the Colorado.

Another night, another trip downtown :)

Nice shot of TJ and Sean.

Mikey, Aaron, Lillie and Paul.